Pelosi Statement on 151 Republicans Voting to Shut Down Government

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after 151 Republicans voted to shut down government by opposing the Continuing Resolution:

“Tonight, 151 Republicans voted to shut down government rather than allow women to access affordable family planning and life-saving preventive health care.  One-hundred and fifty one Republicans decided their obsession with women’s health was more important than the thousands of disabled veterans, disadvantaged children and working families who would pay the price of another government shutdown.

“Tonight’s vote highlights the astounding, toxic radicalism of the Republican majority.  It exposes the depths of their contempt for women’s health and their total indifference to the priorities of hard-working American families.

“The American people need and deserve better.  In the coming weeks, Congress must come together to avert further crisis and negotiate a budget that will responsibly end the sequester and meet the needs of the American people.”