Pelosi Statement on December Jobs Report

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced that the economy added 252,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.6 percent, the lowest unemployment rate since June 2008.  With businesses adding 240,000 jobs, this marks the 58th consecutive month of private sector job growth.

“Last month, our economy added another exclamation point to the longest uninterrupted period of private sector job creation in our history: 58 months, 11.2 million jobs.  In 2014, we created nearly 3 million new jobs, more than in any year since 1999.  For all our progress, however, too many Americans are still out of work and too many middle class families still feel squeezed.  It is clear the 114th Congress must act to create jobs and expand the opportunities of working people and middle class families.

“On the first day of this Congress, Democrats put forward a legislative package to increase paychecks for working families and put Americans back to workbuilding the roads and bridges our country needs – paid for by keeping our tax dollars here at home.  The CEO/Employee Pay Fairness Act will ensure that workers share in the fruit of their productivity, by denying CEOs the ability to claim tax deductions on income over $1 million unless they give their employees a well-deserved raise.  With the Stop Corporate Expatriation and Invest in America’s Infrastructure Act, we will prevent U.S. corporations from renouncing their citizenship to dodge paying their fair share of taxes and use those dollars to create good-paying jobs here at home.

“Republicans, however, blocked the House from considering both bills – choosing instead to spend the opening days of the new Congress advancing more special interest priorities.  The American people expect Congress to champion the paychecks of middle class families, not the profits of big banks and corporations shipping jobs overseas.  Republicans should stop undermining the middle class, and come together with Democrats to create jobs, bigger paychecks and better infrastructure for every American family.”