Pelosi Statement on Republicans Advancing NRA’s Toothless Gun Legislation

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after House Republicans moved forward to hold a vote on legislation including the Cornyn bill, already rejected by the Senate and written by the NRA, that fails to close the terrorist gun loophole:

“All across America, families are demanding real action to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and suspected terrorists, not a toothless NRA bill that will do nothing to keep our communities safe.

“The American people cannot understand why Republicans want it to be easier for a suspected terrorist to buy a lethal weapon than to set foot on a plane.  If you’re too dangerous to fly in America, you’re too dangerous to buy a gun in America – simple as that.  But a month after the worst mass shooting in American history, House Republicans are once again putting the NRA ahead of their responsibility to keep the American people safe.

“This bill is just the latest evidence that House Republicans have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NRA.  Americans are fed up with Republicans’ dangerous obstruction of bipartisan, commonsense gun violence legislation.  Democrats will continue to push House Republicans to give the American people a vote on meaningful gun violence prevention measures that will save lives and protect our communities from terrorism: with expanded, strengthened background checks and meaningful No Fly, No Buy legislation.”

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