Pelosi Statement on the Passing of George McGovern

Washington, D.C. — Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the passing of former Senator George McGovern:

“Senator George McGovern was a proud public servant and a humble man of great character.  In Congress, he stood for America’s farming families and our middle class, and on behalf of peace.  As our nominee for President, he strongly spoke out against the war in Vietnam and he was a proud voice for Democratic values, and indeed, American values.  Throughout his lifetime, he led on behalf of progress, compassion, and generosity.

“George McGovern once said that after he had passed away, he wanted people to say, ‘He did the best he could to end hunger in this country and the world.’  Indeed, he did.  He was a humanitarian with a tactical touch, and he saved the lives of many at home and abroad.

“I hope it is a comfort to the many who loved George McGovern, especially his children and grandchildren, that so many grieve his loss and are praying for them in this sad time.”

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