Pelosi Statement on President Obama’s Fuel Efficiency Announcement

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after President Obama announced steps to improve the fuel efficiency of American trucks, touted a public-private partnership to deploy advanced vehicles, and called on Congress to act to expand fuel choices for drivers and invest in clean energy:

“Today, President Obama is exercising bold leadership on behalf of clean energy and a cleaner environment, economic security and a secure future, energy independence and American innovation.  His actions are a direct result of the authority afforded the President in the Energy Independence and Security Act, enacted by the Democratic Congress in 2007, and represent concrete steps to reduce pollution, support domestic manufacturing, and save Americans money.

“Setting new standards for American trucks and partnering with the private sector build on the Administration’s successful effort to raise fuel efficiency standards to record levels across the auto industry – a step taken at a time when automakers added jobs and returned to financial health.  These are each necessary components of any successful drive to change the face of American energy use.  But, as the President rightly stated, it is up to Congress to make the long-term investments needed to transition to more clean energy sources, protect our natural resources, build a 21st century infrastructure, and create the jobs of tomorrow.

“Time and again, Democrats in Congress have proposed measures to end subsidies for our largest oil and gas companies so we can expand the reach and production of American-made clean energy.  Yet Republicans and their special interest allies have thwarted our efforts at every turn.  It’s time for both parties to work together to answer the President’s call and put our nation on a path to a more sustainable future.”