Pelosi Statement on President’s Community College Proposal

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today made the following statement on America’s College Promise, a proposal announced by President Obama to cover two years of tuition for students at community colleges:

“We know that to achieve meaningful equality of opportunity in America, we must have equality of education – so that every student, of every origin, every race, every age and every station is empowered to achieve the full potential of his or her ability.  There is no question: a successful college education is the indispensable ladder to success, security and prosperity in the 21st century.

“Community colleges have long been a key economic driver for families that aspire to join the middle class.  With the President’s ‘America’s College Promise’ proposal, we will raise new ladders of opportunity for nearly nine million students by improving graduation rates, investing in job training and reducing the burden of tuition that weighs on the futures of so many Americans seeking to create businesses, bolster their careers and start families.

“Nothing returns more to the treasury than our investments in education, from early childhood through lifetime learning. Affordable, accessible education is essential to keeping American number one, and it is my hope that Republicans will work with us to strengthen our community colleges and empower every American to succeed.”