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Pelosi Statement on CBO Score of Senate Version of Trumpcare

Today, the CBO confirmed that Senate Republicans’ version of Trumpcare is even meaner than the bill that Republicans jammed through the House. Americans with pre-existing conditions would face staggering out-of-pocket costs. Trumpcare would also expose millions of Americans to the dreaded lifetime and annual limits on the care of children and families with serious ailments. Twenty-two million Americans will lose health coverage.

Pelosi Statement on Senate GOP Trumpcare Updates

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after Senate Republicans released updates to their discussion draft of Trumpcare: “Republicans keep finding ways to make Trumpcare even more brutal and expensive for America’s working families.  Trumpcare’s new six month… Continue

Pelosi Statement on Release of Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo is a hero who stands in the pantheon of great leaders for non-violence, justice and freedom throughout history. His arrest and imprisonment were a disgraceful betrayal of the rule of law and China’s own constitution, but his courage throughout his persecution and imprisonment has been an inspiration to the world.

Pelosi Statement on 45th Anniversary of Title IX

Forty-five years ago, Title IX knocked down barriers to women’s participation and assured a woman’s place in the classroom, on the playing field and in the halls of power. Today, we honor the champions for women’s rights – from Sojourner Truth to Eleanor Roosevelt to Susan B. Anthony to Patsy Mink – who fought tirelessly to throw open the doors to the dreams of every woman and girl in America.

Pelosi Remarks at Voting Rights Speak Out

“Let’s hear it for Steny Hoyer! Thank you Steny.

“I associate myself with Steny’s remarks as we stand in view of the Supreme Court. Remember, my colleagues, the day we stood on the steps of the Court, it was the day when they were hearing the oral arguments. Just about an hour or so later, we went over to the Capitol and we unveiled the statue. A statute to Rosa Parks.

The Big Reveal: Senate Trumpcare Bill Just as ‘Mean’ as House Bill

After weeks of writing Trumpcare behind closed doors, Senate Republicans finally unveiled their version today. Despite their efforts to spin it otherwise, the Senate GOP version of Trumpcare is just as devastating, ‘mean’ and heartless as the House bill. And it makes sense why Senators are trying to distance themselves from it:

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