Rep. Ryan on Appropriations Package

Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-17) speaks in favor of the package of appropriations bills soon to be sent to the President:

Rep. Ryan: “You know, I think all that rhetoric maybe nice but what we’re trying to do here is run the government, and has been stated several times, when the Republicans were in charge, they put bills together and got them passed. And now all of a sudden they take a stand here like this has never happened, I think is a tad bit disingenuous. But we have to ask ourselves now that everyone is bringing the troops in here, what are the troops fighting for? They’re not fighting for a defense bill. They’re not fighting for a VA bill. They’re fighting for our country. And what is our country? Our country is a country that makes investments into its own people. They’re fighting for America because it’s a great place to live. It’s a great place to get educated. It’s a great place to get healthcare. And for us to say somehow that they’re just fighting for only a portion of our society, I think is a bit disingenuous too, and I bet if we talked to some of the troops and asked them what it means to be an American, they would say it means to be free and to be able to achieve the American dream…”