Republican 'New' Energy Message Same Old Song and Dance

The GOP is at it again – launching a “new” energy message tour to criticize the President and Democrats is just their latest effort to downplay the last 499 days of obstructing economic recovery and picking millionaires over the middle class.

But the American people have heard this Republican song and dance before and know it’s not true.


Domestic oil production is at an 8-year high under President Obama and the number of oil rigs has quadrupled.

The CFTC Commissioner says excessive speculation, not a lack of production, has raised the price at the pump by 22 percent, or about 56 cents per gallon.

House Republicans have voted time and again to protect huge tax breaks for Big Oil even as these companies pulled in record profits.

Congressional Republicans would better serve the American people if they stopped picking Big Oil and millionaires over the middle class and instead worked with Democrats to strengthen the economy and small businesses.