Speaker Boehner: “I don’t believe that our budget will hurt the poor in any way."

Today, Speaker John Boehner appeared on “CBS This Morning” to defend the “vision” the Republicans have for our country, highlighted by Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) devastating budget.       

Speaker Boehner: “I don’t believe that our budget will hurt the poor in any way.  I don’t think it will hurt the safety net in any way.”  [4/18

To the Speaker’s credit, there are some people who aren’t hurt in this “vision”: the wealthiest.  Those making over $1 million per year are rewarded with an average tax cut of $394,000 in the GOP budget.          

But who pays the price as the GOP gives away the store to millionaires?  

The Republican budget ends the Medicare guarantee:

Raising seniors’ health costs immediately by repealing provisions closing the prescription drug donut hole and repealing new free preventive care benefits under Medicare.  

Increasing costs for Medicare beneficiaries by thousands of dollars.  

Two-thirds of Medicaid spending covers seniors and individuals with disabilities, and the Republican budget slashes Medicaid by $810 billion over next 10 years:

Endangering health care coverage for over 60 million Americans, including 16 million seniors and individuals with disabilities and 33 million children. 

Jeopardizing coverage for today’s 1 million nursing home residents. 

Risking benefits allowing 3 million elderly and disabled individuals to remain independent and in their homes today.

The Republican budget cuts $133.5 billion from the SNAP food assistance program over the next 10 years, endangering the nutritional needs of nearly 47 million Americans.  Eighty-five percent of SNAP households are living below the poverty line. 

It also cuts college aid for more than 9 million students, slashing education funding by $115 billion over ten years, cutting extra reading and math help for low-income children, and removing 200,000 children and their families from Head Start in just one year.

And in Ohio, the GOP budget:  

Puts 1,874,000 SNAP participants at risk in 2013.

Could force as many as 1,252,000 residents off Medicaid.  

Slashes $73 billion in health benefits, including $16.9 billion for seniors, from Ohioans. 

It’s time for Speaker Boehner to face the facts.