Speaker Boehner's @#$%^ Language Won't Hide GOP's Bad Record for Middle Class

Today, Speaker Boehner had no shortage of @#$%^ language as he spewed false claims about President Obama’s record standing up for middle class families:

…in Boehner’s words, [The President] “doesn’t give a damn about middle class Americans who are out there looking for work.” [Associated Press, 7/18]

Seriously, Mr. Speaker?  Your language won’t hide the GOP’s bad record of voting against middle class priorities and creating manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis:

Since taking control of the House, Republicans have:

Held tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans hostage to more tax breaks for the top 2 percent.

Voted 13 times against considering Democratic efforts to prevent or discourage the shipping of American jobs overseas and to crack down on offshore tax havens; and in favor of pro-outsourcing measures.

Threatened multiple government shutdowns…and aren’t done yet.

Brought our country to the brink of default.  

Failed to offer a jobs agenda.

Cost construction jobs by delaying a bipartisan transportation bill for months.

Risked a middle class payroll tax increase.

Wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars by voting 33 times to repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act.

No matter how much Speaker Boehner spins, the facts won’t change: It’s the middle class that suffers when House Republicans put the special interests first and run the clock out on the economy.