Speaker Ryan Buckling Under Weight of Budget Mess

When Speaker Ryan took over, he promised a departure from House Republican dysfunction and distraction – vowing repeatedly to return the House to regular order and to pass a budget.  But now that the most radical Members of the Republican Conference are once again flexing their muscles, Speaker Ryan is making it clear that he’s happy to walk away from his budget pledge.  From The Huffington Post:

House Republicans Struggle To Find Path Forward On Budget Impasse

There might be no good way out.

Speaker Paul Ryan wanted House Republicans to drive the policy conversation in 2016. Now, with a GOP budget suddenly in doubt if Republicans can’t agree on a top-line 2017 spending number, the House is in danger of putting forward next to nothing this year. And that leaves leaders with a make-or-break question: How do they get out of this mess?

The truth is that many conservatives just don’t see what’s in it for them by adopting a budget. Sure, they get to do appropriations measures. But to what end?…

Ryan appears to be distancing himself a bit from the budget. He told Republicans on Friday that they don’t have to do a budget, that they’re not “staring down a cliff.”

The American people are used to Republican Speakers buckling under the weight of radical, right-wing opposition.  But passing a budget shouldn’t be such a heavy lift for former Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.  After all, just listen to what the Speaker himself once said:

“We have a law. It’s called the Budget Act. It requires that Congress passes a budget… All we’re saying is, ‘Congress, follow the law. Do your work. Budget.’