Speaker Ryan’s ‘Major’ Tax Reform Speech: Just More House GOP Inaction

Speaker Ryan in his big tax reform speech: “Transformational tax reform can be done, and we are moving forward.  Full speed ahead.”

President Trump in the WH Rose Garden: “Our tax bill is moving along in Congress, and I believe it’s doing very well … I think a lot of people will be very pleasantly surprised.

Surprised, indeed.  Just so we’re clear: there is no tax reform bill.  With no imminent plan or a scheduled vote on tax reform, it’s hard to believe Ryan’s ‘major’ speech is anything more than a poor attempt to distract from the fact that 5 months into the Trump Administration, Republicans still have not put forward a single piece of legislation to create good-paying jobs or raise the wages of hard-working Americans.

Instead of focusing on creating good-paying jobs, Republicans have put their energy into:

  • Raising Americans’ Health Costs – inflicting the ‘mean,’ ‘cold-hearted’ monstrosity of Trumpcare on seniors and hard-working families, which would kill nearly 2 million jobs across America.
  • Putting Wall Street First – unleashing Wall Street to prey on Americans’ retirement savings and dismantling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help the special interests get richer and stick working people with the bill for a bailout when it goes wrong;
  • Advancing Job-Killing Trump Budget – betraying President Trump’s promises by stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from critical job-creating investments in infrastructure, education and clean energy, which would destroy 1.4 million jobs;

Democrats believe we should be working every day on creating jobs and raising wages for everyone, everywhere in America.

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