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Pelosi Floor Speech in Opposition to Trumpcare

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I thank the gentleman for yielding. I thank him, Congressman Scott, I thank [Ranking Member] Frank Pallone, [Ranking Member] John Yarmuth, [Ranking Member] Richie Neal, our Ranking Members who have done such excellent work on this debate on the values of our country. Mr. Speaker, our colleague, Mr. Clyburn, began Mr. Speaker, I want to join him. I think those words bear repeating.

Pelosi Commencement Address at Fisk University

Good morning everyone! Thank you, President Sims, for your introduction, a very generous one – and for your strong stewardship of this historic institution. Let us once again acknowledge President Sims and his family’s contribution to Fisk University.

Pelosi Floor Remarks in Remembrance of Late Congressman Mark Takai

This is a beautiful picture of Mark. Thank you, Congresswoman Gabbard, for bringing us together in this Special Order to salute a very special person, our colleague, Mark Takai. It is a solemn privilege for all of us today to give voice to the sorrow of the U.S. Congress at the passing of our colleague and dear friend. We’ve lost someone truly special, a person who held the respect and friendship of colleagues on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the Capitol, up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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