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Pelosi Floor Remarks in Support of Bipartisan Legislation to Address the Opioid Crisis

“While you may say, ‘Flint is in Michigan and Zika’s down south,’ the fact is: it affects all of us. But, opioids are right there in all of our communities. And all of the Members of Congress immediately see the need for the authorization, but also for the funding. The Conference Report includes many important authorizing provisions in a bipartisan way, but it does not include the new funds that are essential to saving lives from opioids.”

Pelosi Floor Remarks on Dallas Shootings and Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

The ambush and murder of police officers during a peaceful protest is a tragedy that tears it at the heart of every American. I agree with the Speaker that episodes like this must not harden our divisions but should unify us as a country. We are all horrified by this despicable act of violence and we share in the shock and grief for the officers killed, their loved ones and the entire Dallas community. When these officers left their homes earlier in the day, there’s always the chance that they would be in danger. Right now we don’t even know the names of all of them. The names have not yet been released, but I do want to acknowledge DART officer Brent Thompson and those whose names have yet to be released, as well as those who were wounded, including one civilian.”

Pelosi Commencement Address at Morgan State University

Baltimore – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered the commencement address to the Class of 2016 graduates at Morgan State University – the largest historically black college or university in Maryland.  Below are the Leader’s remarks as delivered: “Good morning, everyone.  Thank you,… Continue

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