VIDEO: The Fight For Fairness For The Middle Class

House Democrats introduced a bill to cut middle class taxes and give one hundred percent of Americans a tax cut. This is the same bill that has already passed the Senate and would be signed into law by President Obama without delay. The only ones standing in the way of the middle class and a tax cut are House Republicans.

Republicans instead want to give an extra tax break to the richest 2 percent at a cost of nearly $1 trillion – tax cuts they don’t need and our country can’t afford. The GOP plan raises taxes on 25 million middle class families by an average of $1,000, while giving an extra $160,000 tax cut to Americans making more than $1 million per year.

This shouldn’t be a partisan battle. It is a fight for fairness for the middle class.

@NancyPelosi: House should pass tax cuts for all to help middle class but end extra cuts for top 2%. GOP raises taxes on middle class:

Democrats and Republicans agree on extending tax cuts for the middle class. Let’s pass what we both agree on and save the political games for another day.