Washington Post: Ending an Open-Ended Commitment

The March 13 editorial ‘The Pelosi Plan for Iraq’ preemptively criticized the supplemental funding bill as ‘an attempt to impose detailed management on a war without regard to the war itself.’ Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq — with no end in sight. The war has been thoroughly mismanaged by the Bush administration.  Meanwhile, successive Republican Congresses have required no accountability over the conduct of the war.

Those days are over.

The American people are clear: They want a new direction in Iraq. It is long past time for tough accountability that will lead to the responsible redeployment of our troops. Democrats have a plan to do just that.  We have already begun, by passing a resolution last month that supports our troops and repudiates President Bush’s escalation of the war.

This week, the House will vote on legislation that will halt our open-ended commitment to this war and lead to the responsible redeployment of our troops. The Iraq Accountability Act holds the Iraqi government accountable, protects our troops, provides for our veterans and helps rebuild our military.

Our military has performed exceptionally well under harsh conditions and, in many cases, without proper equipment. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi security personnel have been trained and equipped, and the elected government they serve now bears the responsibility for securing that country and making the political accommodations needed to promote national reconciliation. The bill that the House will consider this week will require that they do just that.



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