Washington Post: Nancy Pelosi honors Fed Chair Janet Yellen

By Emily Heil

Talk about a power klatch. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and a gaggle of members of Congress gathered on Tuesday afternoon in the Capitol’s ornate Rayburn room where Pelosi feted Fed Chair Janet Yellen in honor of women’s history month.

In introducing Yellen, the first woman to lead the Fed, Lagarde recounted a recent G20 summit in Sydney, where she said Yellen’s deft “touch” defused a potential clash between advanced economies and emerging markets.”The boys were reconciled,” Lagarde recalled.

True to Fed form, where even an innocent off-the-cuff remark can move markets, Yellen touted women’s contributions to the American economy. “The benefits of greater participation for women are clear and substantial,” she said.

Pelosi raised a glass in a toast: “When women succeed, the world succeeds” — but not to worry, the bubbles were nothing harder than sparkling water.

Some people in the room, after all, had global economies to tend to.