A New American Security Agenda


We live in a time of unprecedented challenges. American families are concerned about their safety from foreign threats, the endurance of their paychecks and careers, and even the strength of their voice in their own democracy. To move our nation forward in uncertain times, we must protect people and restore faith in a democracy that puts people first.

Only House Democrats are proposing a bold New American Security Agenda—specific and pragmatic solutions to swiftly secure a future that is safe, prosperous, and fair. These are the guiding principles of a Democratic agenda that puts people over politics:



Our first responsibility is to keep Americans safe. That means a tough and smart national security strategy to combat terrorism at home and abroad and eliminate ISIS.

House Democrats will:

  • Combat global terror by working with allies in the Middle East and other countries, partnering with technology companies to combat online radicalization;
  • Ensure that our military and the brave men and women who keep us safe have the resources they need to eliminate security threats;
  • Increase funding for the FBI to enhance and expand their counterterrorism efforts and our response to threats here at home;
  • Keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists and criminals with commonsense measures like “No Fly, No Buy” and expanded background checks;
  • Expand DHS airport perimeter programs and screening of passengers.
  • For an expanded list of priorities, click here.


To move the economy forward, we need to create a secure financial future for all Americans so they can buy a home, send their children to college, and save for retirement.

House Democrats will:

  • Invest in America by upgrading our roads, bridges, grid, broadband, transit, and water infrastructure to create good-paying jobs, paid for by preventing US corporations from avoiding taxes just by moving their headquarters overseas;
  • Create innovative platforms to equip our workers with skills and training they need for the jobs of tomorrow;
  • Spur economic growth by reducing the crushing burden of student loan debt for families and addressing the cost of college;
  • Make pay equity the law of the land so that women and men get equal pay for equal work by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act;
  • Strengthen and expand Social Security for those who have earned their benefits through a lifetime of hard work.
  • For an expanded list of priorities, click here.


Everyday Americans deserve to know that their diversity of views and voices are being heard in our Democracy. We must level the playing field and restore our government by the people, for the people.

House Democrats will:

  • Stop secret money from buying elections by overturning Citizens United and passing the DISCLOSE Act;
  • Level the playing field so the voices of all Americans have an equal chance to be heard by passing the By the People legislative package;
  • Protect Americans’ most sacred rights at the ballot box and revitalize our nation’s voting laws by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act;
  • Pass comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, brings workers out of the shadows, and keeps families together.
  • For an expanded list of priorities, click here.