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Pelosi Commencement Address at UC Berkeley

“And you are not waiting for leaders to act. You are engaged in your own dialogues and implementing your own solutions, using the power of social networking and social media to spread your message. You are shaping the path to the future – a future of peace and prosperity and progress for all. You are part of disrupting the status quo. In doing so, you are pursuing the well-worn course of American history while, at the same time, blazing a path of your own.”

Pelosi Statement on the 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

“The unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education declared that education is ‘a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.’ Yet while this case brought students of different races together in the same classrooms, still today, too many children, in every community, lack access to a quality education. That is as unacceptable now as segregation was 60 years ago. It is our responsibility to invest in our future by empowering all young people with the skills and knowledge to succeed and thrive.

Pelosi Statement on Permanent, Unpaid For Republican Tax Bill

“We need a more responsible and effective approach, like the one represented in the bipartisan two-year Senate tax extenders bill that provides critical support to teachers, students and homeowners. It is time for Republicans to stop ignoring hard working American families, and work with Democrats to create jobs, invest in innovation, and build an economy that works for everyone – not just the wealthy.”

Leader Pelosi Announces Report on How the Ryan Republican Budget Will Affect Californians

“Republicans’ broken priorities are the wrong path for our nation, and unworthy of the American people.” Leader Pelosi said. “This budget is nothing less than a road to economic ruin that betrays California’s seniors, students, workers, women and families. As this new report demonstrates, the Ryan Republican budget would have a devastating impact on California and the future of our nation.”

Transcript of Pelosi Weekly Press Conference Today

“I hope that you enjoy a renewing – Easter is just my favorite holiday. I mean, Christmas is the most fun, but Easter – really most triumphant and beautiful, and Passover at the same time. So in whatever way you celebrate – I think it is even Mohammad’s birthday coming up soon – so however you observe or not, at least enjoy the onset of spring, and I look forward to seeing you in your renewed, recreated forms when we come back after the break.”

Transcript of Pelosi, House Democratic Leaders Press Availability on Ryan Republican Budget Cuts to Education

“They will talk about the damage that is done to early childhood education in terms of Head Start, the terrible toll it takes on Title I for our kids in disadvantaged areas, in terms of cutting Pell Grants – while still giving tax breaks to Big Oil. How does that make any sense? And lifetime learning – very important now, as our workers have the skills – many of them need specific training. This is key to employment, to growth, to innovation, and for the success of our economy.”

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