Tag: Energy Independence

Pelosi Statement on President Obama’s Fuel Efficiency Announcement

“Time and again, Democrats in Congress have proposed measures to end subsidies for our largest oil and gas companies so we can expand the reach and production of American-made clean energy. Yet Republicans and their special interest allies have thwarted our efforts at every turn. It’s time for both parties to work together to answer the President’s call and put our nation on a path to a more sustainable future.”

Doing the Math on Rising Gas Prices

While Speaker Boehner continued playing the blame game on gas prices yesterday, he declared that “the price of gasoline is driven by two factors. It’s driven by supply and it’s driven by demand.” Let’s look at the math: Supply: Domestic energy production… Continue

Setting the Record Straight on Gas Prices

As Americans face rising gas prices, Republicans are spouting talking points assigning blame to President Obama, instead of taking action against Wall Street speculators who are driving up the cost of oil, hurting consumers, and potentially damaging our economic recovery. Bart Chilton,… Continue

GOP Priorities – Go Big for Big Oil!

For 297 days, the GOP has refused to act on Americans’ top priority – job creation – but they have been quite busy passing dead end Drill-Only energy bills and protecting tax breaks for Big Oil, one of the most profitable industries… Continue

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