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Pelosi Commencement Address at UC Berkeley

“And you are not waiting for leaders to act. You are engaged in your own dialogues and implementing your own solutions, using the power of social networking and social media to spread your message. You are shaping the path to the future – a future of peace and prosperity and progress for all. You are part of disrupting the status quo. In doing so, you are pursuing the well-worn course of American history while, at the same time, blazing a path of your own.”

Pelosi Statement on Appointment of Cornell Williams Brooks as President and CEO of the NAACP

“As Brooks takes the reins from Interim President and CEO Lorraine Miller – a courageous and accomplished trailblazer in her own right – we know we can continue to expect excellence and leadership from the NAACP on the critical issues of our time. Together, we will work to honor the achievement of the civil rights titans who have come before us, and continue the fight to reduce poverty, strengthen voting rights, and achieve a fairer and more just America for everyone.”

Pelosi Statement on the 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

“The unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education declared that education is ‘a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.’ Yet while this case brought students of different races together in the same classrooms, still today, too many children, in every community, lack access to a quality education. That is as unacceptable now as segregation was 60 years ago. It is our responsibility to invest in our future by empowering all young people with the skills and knowledge to succeed and thrive.

Pelosi Statement on Issa Subpoena of Secretary Kerry

“Why are House Republicans putting the American people through this ongoing saga to nowhere? Rather than focus on the priorities of the American people – creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and passing immigration reform – House Republicans continue to try to exploit the tragic events in Benghazi with one grossly partisan investigation after another. The American people deserve better.”

Pelosi Statement on Retirement of Barry Rand from the AARP

“Barry will be missed among seniors, retirees, and Democrats in Congress. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors, and we know we will continue to benefit from his wisdom in the years to come. We congratulate Jo Ann Jenkins on her new role and look forward to working together to stand up for our nation’s seniors.”

Pelosi Floor Speech on Kidnapping of Girls, Young Women in Nigeria

“So maybe this horrible, heinous crime will give the attention that human trafficking needs in order for us to end it. And so, let us all subscribe to the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. With that, Mr. Speaker, I thank you again for giving us the opportunity to focus on this despicable action – but to do so prayerfully, hopefully and determined to #BringBackOurGirls.”

Transcript of Pelosi Weekly Press Conference Today

“But the fact is that there is an opportunity – and the Senate is handling it so much better in terms of a two-year bill. Our budget – our Members have already voted on R&D tax credits, made permanent, offset by closing special interest loopholes in the law, not increasing the deficit, but including not only the R&D tax credits that we had this morning, but wind and solar for renewables, low income tax credit, Child Tax Credit – tax credits that inject demand into the economy, creating jobs. So in any event, again, a political move to bring that to the floor.”

Pelosi Statement on House Vote on Select Committee on Benghazi

“It is clear that House Republicans will do anything to divert attention away from their failed leadership and do-nothing record. As they work to feed the most conspiracy-obsessed elements of their base, millions of Americans are languishing thanks to Republicans’ refusal to act on the urgent business before our nation: renewing emergency unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage, and creating jobs.”

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