Pelosi Floor Speech on the Twenty-Fifth World AIDS Day

“Our work is far from finished. HIV and AIDS is a really resourceful disease. That virus, ever mutating, just when you think that we have it in our sights, it changes. So, we have to be resourceful in our approach to the HIV/AIDS virus because we will not allow HIV and AIDS to claim so many lives when we have within our means the science, the prevention, the care the search for a cure – to make a difference. One of the most exciting parts of it is that we will now be able to have an AIDS-free generation of transmittals from mother to child, which is quite a remarkable – among other remarkable aspects of it.”

Pelosi Statement in Recognition of World AIDS Day

“On World AIDS Day, we remember, we reflect, and we recommit to ending HIV/AIDS. This year’s theme – ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’ – is a call to action, a sign of the continued urgency of this moral challenge, and a reminder that HIV/AIDS has not disappeared. The fight to end this disease must go on.”

Pelosi: Ryan White Act Saves Lives and Offers a Lifeline of Treatment and Support to Americans Living With HIV/AIDS

““Today’s signing of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act by President Obama offers a lifeline of care, treatment, and support to low-income Americans living with this disease. Every year, this legislation guarantees access to lifesaving medical services, primary care, and medications for more than 500,000 patients, nearly half of all those living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S…”

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