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House GOP Leaders Taking the Path of Least Resistance

It is unlikely Majority Leader Cantor missed Speaker Boehner’s comments about comprehensive immigration reform…so what can we conclude from the failure of even a mention of immigration in Cantor’s latest legislative agenda? House Republican leaders are, again, taking the path of least… Continue

We can do both, Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner just told reporters that instead of voting on a bill to #RenewUI, we should be working to create better jobs in America and “higher wages.” “If we are going to consider dealing with unemployment – emergency unemployment – we have… Continue

Pelosi Remarks at Meeting with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Tibetan Prime Minister Sikyong Lobsang Sangay

“I’ll just tell you one story, Mr. Speaker. When I was visiting His Holiness in India, we were greeting people coming across the mountains from Tibet, and they were describing horrible stories of what was happening to them there. So, when we had lunch with the other Lamas who had come from all over, I said: ‘Well, we really have to speak out and have to point out what the Chinese are doing there.’ And when His Holiness started to speak next, he said: ‘Nancy, we must rid you of your negative attitude.’”

Pelosi Statement on 70th Anniversary of Repeal of Chinese Exclusion Act

“Once again, our nation has the opportunity to act to lift millions of hard-working immigrants out of the shadows and restore justice to our immigration laws. In the spirit of the anniversary we mark today – for Chinese Americans and all who trace their roots to points beyond our shores – we must heed the lessons of our past, answer the call of the present, and build a future of equality and opportunity across our country.”

Pelosi Floor Speech Honoring the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

“In California, I have to say, we take some ownership of the Mandela. The whole issue, whether it was stopping investments in South Africa and the rest – Ron Dellums was the champion of this; we’re proud of the role that we played in the great state of California. But it really is, again, in that same humility that is a virtue that we should all possess, that I come to this floor to even talk about such a great – we went from a village to a leader of a movement, to prison, to the presidency of South Africa.”

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