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Pelosi Commencement Address at UC Berkeley

“And you are not waiting for leaders to act. You are engaged in your own dialogues and implementing your own solutions, using the power of social networking and social media to spread your message. You are shaping the path to the future – a future of peace and prosperity and progress for all. You are part of disrupting the status quo. In doing so, you are pursuing the well-worn course of American history while, at the same time, blazing a path of your own.”

Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today

“All we want is a vote. Just give us a vote. Why can’t we have a vote on this? Eleven million people hoping to have legal status and a path to citizenship, as the Senate bill provides, passed in a bipartisan way in the Senate. Eleven million people – 1,100 of them subject to deportation every day. One person, the Speaker of the House, standing in the way of bringing forth comprehensive immigration reform.”

Mr. Speaker, stop 'teasing' and start leading

Early this week, the Speaker reignited his favorite cop-out for explaining why he continues to block immigration reform: he blamed President Obama.  What was the media’s reaction to his poor excuse?  Well, it wasn’t pretty. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Editorial: “Huh? “Maybe… Continue

Pelosi Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

“During this Asian Pacific American Heritage month, let us celebrate the invaluable role AAPIs have played in the triumphs of our past and will play in building our future. Let us recommit ourselves to passing comprehensive immigration reform that will unite our families, and restore confidence in who we are as a people – by and large, a nation of immigrants. Let us honor the thriving and dynamic AAPI community throughout our nation.”

Boehner Flip-Flops on Immigration — Again

In the wake of mocking his GOP colleagues for refusing to act on immigration reform, Speaker Boehner returned to his tired, old talking points this morning: “The American people don’t trust the President to enforce or implement the law…”  [GOP Press Conference,… Continue

House GOP Leaders Taking the Path of Least Resistance

It is unlikely Majority Leader Cantor missed Speaker Boehner’s comments about comprehensive immigration reform…so what can we conclude from the failure of even a mention of immigration in Cantor’s latest legislative agenda? House Republican leaders are, again, taking the path of least… Continue

You're in charge, Speaker Boehner.

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner mocked his fellow House Republicans for refusing to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.  From the Cincinnati Enquirer: “Here’s the attitude. Ohhhh. Don’t make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard,” Boehner whined before a luncheon crowd at… Continue

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