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Pelosi Statement on Passage of Ryan Republican Budget

“Democrats have a better plan: create jobs, strengthen the middle class, invest in the future, reduce the deficit, and build an economy that works for everyone. We should be renewing emergency unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage, and passing comprehensive immigration reform that will grow our economy, empower small business, spur innovation, and reduce the deficit by nearly $900 billion. Republicans’ backwards priorities are the wrong path for our nation, and unworthy of the American people.”

Transcript of Pelosi, House Democratic Leaders Press Availability on Ryan Republican Budget’s Impact on Seniors

“Today we’re here to talk about what the budget does to seniors: millionaires over Medicare, shipping jobs overseas, giving tax cuts to ship jobs overseas, rather than – and making seniors pay more for prescription drugs. It’s appalling. And I’m pleased to be joined by two of my colleagues who are part of our Seniors Taskforce on Medicare and Social Security, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and Congresswoman Doris Matsui of California. You’ll hear some specifics about the budget and seniors from them, and then a wrap up for what it further does to seniors from our distinguished Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, Mr. Van Hollen.”

We can do both, Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner just told reporters that instead of voting on a bill to #RenewUI, we should be working to create better jobs in America and “higher wages.” “If we are going to consider dealing with unemployment – emergency unemployment – we have… Continue

BREAKING: AMA Opposes House GOP Toxic Doc Fix

The American Medical Association (AMA) – one of the nation’s top physician and medical student associations – sent a letter to Congressional Leaders voicing their strong opposition to the House Republicans’ toxic “doc fix” slated to come to a vote this week…. Continue

Seniors Groups Oppose House GOP Toxic Doc Fix

Yesterday, eleven groups representing the nation’s seniors, their doctors and their advocates sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging the House to reject the Republicans’ toxic “doc fix” bill – the GOP’s 51st vote to repeal or undermine the ACA. From the… Continue

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