Trump’s Broken Promises

The President is letting down the American Middle Class.

As a candidate, Donald Trump asked crowds to “believe me” every chance he could. Yet today, over a year into the Trump presidency, Americans are facing reality – the President’s word is worthless.

President Trump rose to the top of the Republican primary by riding a wave of populist energy. He campaigned on a promise to bring back jobs and raise wages for hard-working Americans who had been left behind and left out of the economy. Instead, he has claimed credit for the strong economic progress made under President Obama while his own Administration has worked relentlessly to stack the deck for big banks and billionaires against middle class families. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises on jobs and wages by clicking here.

Trump’s ascent was powered by his professed business acumen – which he promised to put to work for Americans. He pledged to only work with the best, and to run his Administration like a fine-tuned machine. But after one year, a quick glance reveals just how far removed from the promises reality has been. Read more about the dangerous chaos hampering the Trump Administration by clicking here.

Health care touches the lives of Americans nationwide, no matter their age, race or gender. President Trump’s campaign was based on a cynical promise – that he alone understood how to provide “insurance for everybody,” while offering lower costs and no cuts to Medicare. Yet, his Administration spent much of 2017 trying to take away millions of families’ health care, destroy protections for those with pre-existing conditions, raise Americans’ health costs, and hit older Americans with a cruel age tax. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises on health care here.

President Trump’s attacks on health care were not the only way he went after Americans’ bank accounts in 2017. Despite promising a “middle class miracle,” the Republican tax plan overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and big corporations. Since the Senate tax bill passed, corporations have authorized $125 billion in stock buybacks, including more than $40 billion since final passage. If the words of key corporate executives and analysts are any indication, more is on the way. Read more about how President Trump’s #GOPTaxScam will negatively impact middle class families by clicking here.

Time and time again, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress have undermined consumer and environmental protections, empowering corporations over working Americans. Trump and Republicans have stripped Americans of their legal recourse when taken advantage of by major corporations. Instead of protecting the water our children drink, Republicans repealed rules designed to protect drinking water from dangerous waste. And at a time when Americans are increasingly concerned about the security of their private information, President Trump and Republicans sided with Internet providers, allowing them to sell their customers’ personal data, from web browsing history to sensitive financial information, without their consent. Read more about President Trump’s efforts to stack the deck against American families by clicking here.

President Trump has rolled back America’s leadership role in the world, weakened our alliances and made our nation less safe. The President’s “America First” policy has isolated our country and eroded the institutions that have provided the pillars of global stability and security for decades. His insulting rhetoric, discriminatory anti-Muslim agenda and constant, childish provocations of our adversaries all jeopardize our nation’s credibility and strength. Read more about how President Trump’s foreign policy is isolating the United States on the global stage by clicking here.

President Trump is deliberately refusing to address the Russian threat to American democracy. Since the intelligence community first confirmed the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections, the American people have learned more about the growing threat Russia continues to pose to our national security. The Russians sought to interfere in at least 21 state elections, executed a propaganda campaign to manipulate and divide the American people and hacked our nation’s critical infrastructure, including our electricity grids – yet the President continues to give Putin a free pass. Read more about President Trump’s repeated failure to address the Russian threat by clicking here.

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