Trump’s Broken Promises

The President is letting down working Americans.

As a candidate, Donald Trump asked crowds to “believe me” every chance he could. Yet today, after one hundred days of the Trump presidency, Americans are facing reality – the President’s word is worthless.

President Trump rose to the top of the Republican primary by riding a wave of populist energy. He promised to create jobs at a pace never before seen, to stop corporate CEOs from exporting American jobs, and proclaimed his intention to hold China accountable for its unfair trade policies. But one by one, the President has proven his promises are worth less than mud. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises on jobs, outsourcing, and trade by clicking here.

Trump’s ascent was also powered by his professed business acumen – which he promised to put to work for Americans. His budget, however, makes it clear those promises were all for show. Far from reinforcing that which makes America great, the Trump budget would weaken initiatives designed to keep Americans safe, create jobs here at home, and give our cities and towns the resources they need to build a better future. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises on the budget here.

Health care touches the lives of Americans nationwide, no matter their age, race, or gender. President Trump’s campaign was centered around a cynical promise – that he alone understood how to provide “insurance for everybody,” while offering lower costs and no changes to Medicare. Yet like far too many of President Trump’s campaign pledges, this promise would soon run head long into reality. TrumpCare – President Trump’s proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act – would force Americans to pay more for lower quality coverage, lead to millions of Americans being kicked off their health coverage, and rattle Medicare to its very core. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises on health care here.

If there was catchphrase for the last months of President Trump’s campaign, it was #DrainTheSwamp. He proclaimed it was time to drain Washington of the impact of lobbyists and special interests. But one hundred days into his presidency, Mr. Trump has thrown the doors of the White House open to billionaire campaign donors, wall street executives, and elite lobbyists. Considering this – along with the growing questions about ties between Russia, President Trump’s campaign, and his administration – and it’s clear that rather than draining the swamp, President Trump has taken it upon himself to make it even deeper. Read more about President Trump’s broken promises to “drain the swamp” here.

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