#WrongWay Republican Agenda

Speaker Ryan and House Republicans are repackaging the same toxic agenda of recklessness, obstruction and discrimination.

Speaker Ryan and House Republican Leaders have had a tough 2016.

They failed to pass a budget.
They’ve refused to take meaningful action to address any of the public health crises facing families across America.
And they’ve completely surrendered to a toxic, bigoted standard-bearer – who has exposed the ugly underbelly of the House Republican Conference with his racist attacks and backwards ideas.

Now, Speaker Ryan is trying his best to distract the American people from House Republicans’ obstructionist and discriminatory agenda – by repackaging the GOP’s dangerous, special interest priorities of the past with shiny new rhetoric.

This Republican agenda isn’t a better way – it’s the Wrong Way.

Speaker Ryan is trying to drag us down the same backwards, trickle down, special interest path that Republicans have been pushing for years.

On poverty, the Wrong Way Republican Agenda attacks families that are struggling the most – showing more of the same longstanding GOP contempt, disdain and indifference towards Americans in need.

On national security, the Wrong Way Republican Agenda is a feeble attempt to paper over Republicans’ tradition of recklessness with the safety and security of the American people.

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The Wrong Way Republican Agenda is another gift-wrapped GOP giveaway to polluters, unscrupulous financial advisers, and Wall Street: 

The Wrong Way Republican Agenda grandstands on the Constitution and transparency, but the truth is that Republicans have refused to renew the Voting Rights Act and have done everything in their power to protect secret, special interest money in our elections.  They won’t even give a fair hearing or timely vote to the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court. 

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Republicans’ Wrong Way health care ‘plan’ would repeal the Affordable Care Act, shatter the health care of 20 million Americans, and do catastrophic damage to seniors, women and families across America. And after more than 60 votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, Republicans still don’t have a real replacement plan — beyond stripping more than 20 million Americans of the affordable, quality coverage they’ve gained through the ACA.

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The House GOP Wrong Way tax agenda is just another Republican plan to hand massive tax giveaways to millionaires and billionaires on the backs of working people. 

2016 has exposed the ugly truth about House Republicans’ discriminatory, toxic, obstructionist agenda. A half-hearted rebrand isn’t going to hide that elephant in the room.